Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How convinced do you have to be?

I tell you I believe in violent jihad.

I tell you I want to go to Somalia to the battlefield.

I tell you that individuals who fight for Islam are to be admired

I tell you that sharia should be the law everywhere in the world

I tell you that the Islamic madrassas (school) that I attend is a front for violent jihad

I send you videos supporting the martyrdom of jihadists

I tell you how to lie to the authorities if you are stopped on your way to Somalia

I then lie to the FBI when they suspect I have broken the laws about providing material support to terrorist organizations, including an intent to travel to Somalia to fight in the jihad.

What is the only reasonable conclusion?

You guessed it.  All of this is merely inference and there's no proof that I ever intended to actually do anything.  A $500 fine and three years probation for the charge of lying to a federal officer.


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