Thursday, June 11, 2015

A study in hypocrisy

Hey, union supporters, what's up with this?

Unions are fighting to exempt themselves from the new $15 per hour minimum wage laws that they have been pushing.

I'm not a big fan of forced unionization.  Let me rephrase that.  It's bullshhhh.  I don't care whether people want to unionize themselves but when they make me pay them, they crossed the line.  I have worked in two jobs that required union representation.

In the first, the union bosses were living the high life, gold chains and new Harley's, and when we had a problem?  They went to lunch with our boss and nothing got resolved.

Second is the teacher's union.  I have no problems at all with our local crew (other than being required to join).  They do a good job of negotiating for us, they do a good job of representing us.  However, I have to pay money to the WEA and the NEA, both far left politically.  They give millions to politicians I oppose and I have to help fund them.  Even though I opted out of the union (as allowed by federal law) I still pony up about $350 a year to these two organizations, both of which are working against my better interests in my opinion.

The story linked to above suggests that the unions are more interested in improving their own position than helping workers, however.  Yes, unions are actively fighting to keep themselves exempted from the $15 per hour minimum wage laws that they are actively pushing.

Why would they do this?  Well, they can now go to employers and suggest that instead of paying higher wages, the employer should just unionize their workers to take advantage of the exemption.  It's a win/win for unions and employers and a complete slap in the face to the workers who get jobbed out of higher wages so that the union can collect more forced dues.

Setting aside all the arguments against a higher minimum wage, it would appear that the unions are pushing a scheme that serves no other purpose than to unionize a larger sector of the economy in a time when their membership is plummeting.

I guess that's what happens when the government gets behind a complete and utter bastardization of the Constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of association and forces people to both associate and pay for an organization that they don't want.  When the people find ways to push back, the government finds ways to keep them in servitude.

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