Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Motorcycle Diaries, 2015 Day 1

Washington state produces 117 million bushels of wheat a year, fifth highest in the United States.

Why would I tell you this in a blog post on motorcycle travel?

Well, I rode through much of that land.  It is simply amazing how vast an area is covered with wheat.  The hillsides are planted in wheat and watching the combine harvesters make their way along was just mind blowing.

The towns are somewhat sad.  Many of them have beautiful old downtowns, including nice houses, but most of them have significant numbers of boarded up businesses and homes.

I rode about 400 miles, Blaine to Waitsburg.  Tried to stay off the interstate highways, but in the interests of time took I-5 down to Everett to get on US Hwy 2, and I-90 from George to Moses Lake.

Best ride?  Highway 261 from Washtuga (a great example of a horrible town, no actual center, no indication that it ever actually had a center or was a town, just a collection of run down houses and stores on a strip of back highway), through Starbuck (which might have been a nice town at one point with some old houses and a couple old buildings).

 Picture to follow, free wi-fi at KOA is acting up.

Apparently the Palouse Falls just off Hwy 261 is really cool but it had been a long day.  I'll need to stop by some time and check it out.,%20Washington.jpg

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