Thursday, August 27, 2015

French train terror attack thwarted (best response)

Predictably, the Americans fought and were injured, the British were inspired to join by the actions of their cousins, and the French ran away.

Just about crashed my car laughing.

On a serious note, how long is it going to take the Islamic jihadist nutjobs to figure out that the easiest targets in the United States are the places where no one is supposed to have a gun?  Trains, schools, shopping malls, etc.  We see this regularly (although not as regularly as a reflexively anti-gun media would have you believe) as virtually every mass shooting attempt occurs somewhere where guns are prohibited: movie theaters in Colorado, state colleges, and schools spring to mind.  The mall in my town has signs on the door to tell you that firearms are prohibited.  Although these signs do not have the force of law they can have you removed and told not to come back (trespassed) if you violate their rules.

The constant attacks on military bases is, in my opinion, a part of this calculation.  Even though everyone on the base is trained in combat, military rules and regulations prohibit anyone from having a firearm other than those actively on guard at the entrances to the base.  If you can get past them (hint: you can, their job is to be intimidating but they can't and don't check every one of the thousands of vehicles that drive on and off base each day) then you have a free fire zone until some of the men with guns finally do arrive.

The guys on the train, genuine heroes, got lucky.  This idiot wanders in with his AK slung around his neck.  He wasn't expecting anyone to resist.  He probably thought he'd declaim the virtues of Allah and how he was killing them because they were infidels for a while and then start shooting.  Maybe he figured that he would have time to pick up his gun after he had shouted Allahu Akbar a few times, thus terrifying the compliant people as they waited for certain death.   If he had been ready to go when he walked in he would have shot all three of them as they rushed towards him to try to overpower him.  That's how it works.  Guy with gun who is prepared to fire trumps brave guys with fists.  In this case, he wasn't ready and they took him down.  Well done them, but those mindless clowns over at the Brady Center who claim that this proves that we don't need guns to fight back, get real.  You can't count on being that lucky.  The French policeman (armed with a gun) who was murdered outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo certainly didn't.

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