Sunday, August 2, 2015

Windows 10 update

I guess I'll just post up things here as I notice them, since I am not good at keeping long lists in my head.

Minor annoyance: In keeping with Microsoft's effort to turn computers into cell phones, all programs are now called "Apps".  OK.  Whatever.

Cool new thing: The list of all "Apps" (ie programs) in the start menu is alphabetized with letter headers at the beginning of each section.  I find this easier as I can look for the first letter of the program I want instead of having to scroll through the annoyingly small font list that was provided in Windows 7 (not to mention that the list in W7 was also preceded by a very long list of stuff that appeared to be random.  It included things that I had recently used but it also included stuff that I had never used).

Did I mention that Windows - X pulls up a list of Utility programs like Control Panel.

Also, the Notifications button in the icon section of the taskbar seems to have a pretty comprehensive list of stuff that you can quickly access.

Having fixed the one problem with the card reader, I am pleased so far.

So there you go.

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