Sunday, September 27, 2015

Han shot first? Who cares?

Just sitting here watching Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope and I don't understand the kerfuffle over who shot first.  If someone is pointing a gun at me and has threatened to kill me I will shoot first and last, given the opportunity.  What exactly is the problem?

Maybe I'm missing the point of the discussion and people are just upset because the movie was changed, but I still don't really see the issue.


Anonymous said...

The kerfuffle is that the original Han was a rough-around-the-edges scoundrel who absolutely WOULD shoot first and he did in the first release of that movie. Then the producers changed it to him shooting in "self defense" in the second release to make him softer.

The Han solo character depended on shooting first to maintain authenticity but the producers didn't care.

heresolong said...

Oh. I thought it was the other way around. Thanks for the update.

Either way I have no issue with him shooting first.

Put in the same situation (other than smuggling for a Hutt in a starship which is unlikely to happen to me) I also would shoot first and I am not a particularly rough-around-the-edges guy.