Saturday, October 24, 2015

Comic book science?

How critical should we be of comic book science?  Just started watching The Flash and it's not too bad.  However I have a couple serious issues. 

1. He constantly gets beat up because he doesn't move fast.  He runs to the scene of the crime really fast.  He goes into moving cars, disarms the bad guy, and handcuffs him while the car is still moving, but then in another scene a bad guy starts punching him and he stands there getting beat up for a while before quickly running away.  Why not punch faster?  Why not punch and then run away?

2. He apparently can slow down time.  He runs around the room talking to the girl while she stands perfectly still and time apparently has stopped for her.  How do you stand and talk really fast?  I suppose he could be thinking really fast also, but it seems odd.

It is also based on a comic book so we probably shouldn't take it too seriously, right?  On the other hand it would be nice if there were at least a thought given to the apparent conflicts between what he should be able to do and what he actually does.

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