Saturday, October 3, 2015

Wait, what, Waffle House?

Waffles are the food of the gods.  I believe that this goes without saying.  If you doubt my sincerity, do a Google search for "heresolong voices blogspot waffles".  I get the whole first page.

[Except for the one about gay cannibal killers.  Let's just pretend that one isn't there.]

I get the whole first page.

I first became aware of Waffle House when riding through Indiana.   I spent several miles shouting to my riding companions at every opportunity "Everybody loves waffles".  (Paraphrasing Donkey from Shrek, of course because a) Everybody loves parfait and 2) There really is a waffle fairy).

Seriously, there's a restaurant named after the waffle and specializing in waffles, what could go wrong.

Nothing!  They serve incredible waffles twenty four hours a day AND there is a Federal Emergency Management Agency index based on what menu they are serving.  No seriously, check out my post from 2013 titled Everybody Loves Waffles (even the federal government)

Imagine my surprise just now to read an article that the Waffle House corporate masters are scared of armed citizens.  That's right.  They apparently have a policy that you can't go in to one of their restaurants while armed.  My Canadian readers are probably wondering what the issue is, but here in the Land of the Free we are responsible for our own safety, not sitting around waiting for the Mounties to come rescue us if some nut job starts shooting.  I carry 100% of the time that I am legally allowed to (also know as whenever I am not visiting Canada) and, for the record, I've never killed anyone or gone on any sort of shooting spree.

The story gets worse, however.  Apparently the person to whom they objected was an active duty National Guardsman (read Army reservist) who was in full uniform and carrying his sidearm as required by military regulations.  He wanted waffles for breakfast (well, obviously).  He was denied waffles for breakfast, at least at the Waffle House in Kentucky (or possibly Alabama the story is a bit confusing about this part) to which he had gone.  Waffle House has a corporate no firearms policy.

Update: Now they claim that this particular customer had been involved in a fight at that Waffle House a couple weeks earlier so they may have been totally justified in asking him to leave, but I am more concerned about their policy than about this one guy.

So apparently I can't, while visiting the midwest and south, have the right to protect myself if some nutjob decides to shoot the place up while I am eating waffles.  That makes me sad.  Does anyone really think that the nutjob is going to obey the policies of Waffle House Incorporated?  Seriously.  He is willing to murder people but will change his mind because someone asks him not to bring his firearm?  My suspicion is that one definition of the null set would be people willing to commit murder who are deterred by "no firearms" policies.

Whatever.  For the record, I will be armed regardless.


Cecil Henry said...

Not all Canadians like the anti-freedom, anti-life guns laws Canada has.

I too believe everyone should have the right to carry a firearm.

Here is Canada there is NO right to self-defense or to use a gun to defend life or protect property.

This is truly evil. It denies people their freedom of person and right to protect their own lives. A basic freedom.

That's Canada. Underneath the rhetoric, not such a great country. Stalin would be proud.

NotClauswitz said...

Canada should have turned-out a bit more like Australia, but that element of British "grit" was exported (in chains) to the antipodean half-continent, but even New Zealand has better gun-support. Just bad luck I guess. :-) I just don't eat a lot of carbs and sugars anymore, they make me too sleepy!