Wednesday, November 25, 2015

CBR project: head rebuild

Never rebuilt a Honda head before and probably didn't really need to do this one, but the bike had a stumble and I thought it might be a bent valve.  Pulled the head off, found a relatively inexpensive source for valve seals ($11 each from Honday, $4 each from the local indie shop; did I mention that there are 16 of them so I save about $110 buck right there), and ordered a valve spring compressor that would work on 23mm valves (a bit smaller than Harley).

Super easy, pulled each one out, lapped it with some valve grinding compound, cleaned the whole thing thoroughly, and then put it back together.  Took a while because there are so many but no snags and no bent valves.

Next step, install new base gasket, reinstall head, then pull carbs off parts bike and start cleaning and tuning them for install.

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