Sunday, November 29, 2015

Verizon update

Sigh.  Filled with righteous anger I called around.  What cell phone companies provide decent service for a reasonable price?

Verizon. Switched to Sprint and hated it.

Verizon.  Switched to small provider and hated it.

Verizon.  Switched to T-Mobile and hated it.

Hello, Verizon.  I'd like to look into some different plans that don't have unlimited data for ridiculous amounts of money.

So now I have unlimited talk and text, twelve GB of data, calls to Canada, and $2 a day if I use my phone in Canada.  The only problem that I could see is that living six blocks from the Canadian border they routinely think I am in Canada, but the rep said that I could always call and tell them I wasn't in Canada that day and it shouldn't be a problem

I'm modifying my data behaviour to reduce my data usage.  Set my podcast app to only download new episodes off WiFi which shouldn't be a big deal since I have WiFi at home and at work, as well as most hotels and campgrounds at which I stay.  I'll reevaluate the data in a couple months and maybe I can save a bit more money by reducing the data plan to 6GB.

Meanwhile I'm saving about $25 a month over what I would have been paying (excluding the Canada $2 bit) so it'll probably end up costing me about the exact same as what I was paying on average.

Mmm the crow tastes good.

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