Tuesday, November 24, 2015


So I ordered a new (used) brake pedal for one of my Harleys.  The stock one is really short and sits where your foot should sit.  The later models have a longer one which fits and I've had one of those on the bike for years.  While the bike has been down, however, I sort of gave my longer brake pedal to a buddy who bought a bike with one of the annoying short pedals.  Now I have to buy a new one.

No big deal, $20 shipped off ebay, here's what I ordered.

It arrived yesterday, as advertised, in good condition, etc, etc.  That's not the weird part.

This is what was actually in the box.

Also in the box, five pounds of small steel pellets.  I have no idea what those are for, or why they are in the box.  Near as I can tell the only purpose they served was to make the box five pounds heavier.  Nothing to tell me what they are other than the fact that the State of California believes that they might cause cancer and they were made in Peru.  They are carefully sewn into small mesh bags and look quite professionally done.

Like I said.  Weird.

Update: Scuba diving weights.  Still don't know why they were included, but there it is.

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Anonymous said...

Pour then into your crankcase. That's probably where they go.