Saturday, December 12, 2015

NYTimes makes a point (but not the one they intended)

These are the worst three examples they could find of anti-Muslim backlash.

The worst.

Falls Church, VA (11/19/2015) — A Virginia man was charged with leaving a fake explosive device at a mosque, as well as inflicting an estimated $200 damage to the mosque’s gate.
San Antonio, TX (11/20/2015) — A man in military fatigues was arrested for entering a mosque, cursing at worshippers, and wiping his boots on prayer rugs. A nearby school run by the mosque reportedly canceled classes in response.
Corpus Christi, TX (11/20/2015) — A letter sent to a local mosque reportedly included a cartoon depiction of Muhammad — and action offensive to many Muslims — along with the instruction ‘Convert To Christianity Before It’s Too Late!!!’”

Nobody died, nobody was injured, nobody was hurt in any way at all, except for their feelings.  The three perpetrators are jerks, but if this is the extent of the backlash, there isn't a problem.

A (presumably liberal) commenter breathlessly  pointed out that they forgot to include the "armed" men protesting outside a mosque in Texas, but as usual, he did as liberals do; he freaked out over "scary" guns.  I'm guessing he didn't know that it is perfectly legal to walk around armed in Texas and in many other states.  I'd be willing to bet that not one single protester specifically decided to be armed "for the protest" but just clipped on the gun like they do every other day of their lives.  Even then, not one single Muslim was shot, killed, or otherwise hurt.

The idea that the biggest problem facing us is not Islamic jihad (295 dead in the last week, 1495 dead for the month of November in case you were wondering) but instead is a mythical "backlash" against Muslims in America which has netted dirty prayer rugs, insulting cartoons, sternly worded letters, and boorish behavior, is a joke.  Or it would be if the goal were not to keep us from fighting back against the real threat or radical Islam.

I, for one, intend to ignore the hysteria about non-existent anti-Muslim backlash and instead be on my guard for anyone yelling Allahu Akbar while I am in a crowded public place.

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