Thursday, December 17, 2015

The number one priority

of the United States government should be you and me, the United States citizen, should it not?  Providing for our security?

Why then, would we let in any Syrian refugees, some percentage of whom may be radicalized Muslims, without screening the crap out of them?  Why can't they stay in camps while we screen them?  Why can't we profile and say that military age single men are not welcome?  To the extent that we have any responsibility at all to people who are not Americans, it should be clear that this responsibility falls far below any obligation to protect ourselves first and foremost.

The Obama administration shut down a program where the Department of Homeland Security was checking the social media feeds of visa applicants who were from Muslim countries or who exhibited Muslim ties.  Meanwhile they continue to attempt to use the NSA to collect data on the phone records of American citizens and to pressure Apple and other companies to prevent us from having encrypted communications.  Looking at public information, posted publicly on Twitter and Facebook is racist, but American citizens can't have security in our private communications.

The Obama administration is sending fully automatic military rifles, twenty and thirty round magazines (standard military issue) and other military hardware to Muslim fighters around the world.  Meanwhile they don't want us to have rifles that look like military rifles, even though they operate just like civilian rifles, and don't want us to have magazines that hold more than ten or seven rounds ("high capacity" magazines), in spite of the fact that we have a Second Amendment.

25% of Muslims in this country think that it is OK to kill Americans in the service of jihad, 50% of Muslims in this country believe that they should be allowed to live under sharia law instead of American law if they want, and we are not allowed to express concerns that Islam, a political system with religious underpinnings, is not compatible with American values.

Who should the government be focused on?  First priority, anyone from abroad who wishes to come here and harm us (mostly Muslims at this point).  Second priority, anyone in the country who is not a citizen who wishes us harm (visitors and residents).  Instead this administration has spent the last seven years caterwauling about "homegrown terrorists" (who they don't define as American Muslims, and who don't kill nearly as many people as Muslim jihadists) and targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups, despite the complete lack of evidence that any of them have any violent inclinations at all.  Perhaps if they spent as much time researching the backgrounds of Muslims wishing to emigrate to the United States as they do the financial records of conservative groups in Wisconsin, for example, we wouldn't have nearly these problems.

Oh, and as a not insignificant side benefit, we wouldn't be having our Constitutional rights stripped away in the name of safety.

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