Sunday, March 27, 2016

Airdroid update: Blech!

So I told you a few weeks ago that Airdroid was awesome.  It was.

However, over the past week, on two separate instances my phone, which normally has about 50 to 60% battery left at the end of the day, ran out of battery and shut itself down before 3:30.  When I got it charged back up enough to turn it on, the battery use indicator told me that Airdroid had used up about 40% of my battery life.  Only problem is that I hadn't been using Airdroid and I hadn't turned it on for anything.

Apparently it must sometimes turn itself on and then suck down your battery. 


So to update, still 4/5 for actually transferring stuff but 1/5 for being annoying and killing my phone battery.  I suppose if I need to transfer stuff wirelessly again I'll reinstall it, transfer the files, then uninstall it again.  Or I'll try Droid over Wifi which has been recommended by other people who are having the same problem I am with Airdroid.

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