Sunday, March 20, 2016

Change we can all believe in

Maybe this is something everyone (other than Donald Trump supporters?) can get behind.

What if Obama were to propose some reforms to make sure that the President can't run roughshod over the Constitution with his (or her) Executive Orders.  Obama would presumably support just in case Trump wins, and conservatives should support to keep the next Obama from doing what the current Obama has done.  Trump supporters?  Well from what I can tell they think that Trump should do just what Obama has done, but in the other direction.  I am unconvinced that the new era of government by executive fiat is a good thing, regardless of who is in charge.  As much as I would like to see a drastic rollback in socialist government and bureaucracy in this country, I think education and Constitutional checks and balances is a better way.  Just look at how parliamentary systems work, where the majority government does whatever they want with no chance of the minority stopping it until the next election.  Theoretically the other party can then reverse everything if and when they take power.  Not a stable system.

Why do I refer to it as "change"?  I think we have drifted a long way (consciously on the part of the progressive movement) from the original idea of an adversarial  system where the branches of government, the states, and the people would jealously guard their powers and prerogatives.  We need to change in order to go back.

CATO has a new podcast out called "Tyrant proof the White House" if you want more details. 

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