Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wireless file transfer app review, phone to PC

Cover artWifi File Transfer
2/5 stars.


Initially works great, connected right up.  Gives me a url to type into my PC browser that goes through my wifi router so that I can transfer files directly back and forth while I'm at home.

However, it doesn't see my SD card, which is where all my files are kept.  Therefore it is useless.

Website and help are "404 forbidden" so that is no use.

Cover art4/5 stars

Easy connection, just like WFT above.  Start the app, type the provided URL into your browser.  Finds my SD card, selected the files, transferred as requested by shoving all the pics into a .zip file and asking me where I wanted to save it. 

Only reason it doesn't get 5/5 is that it isn't completely intuitive that "SD Card" and "External SD Card" aren't the same thing.  I spent several minutes trying to find my files on the "SD Card" only to then discover that this doesn't appear to actually mean anything.  As soon as I said "external", there was all my stuff.  Not sure why these programmers can't just have all your stuff pop up when you start the app instead of requiring you to go through extra steps and read the help file.

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