Thursday, June 23, 2016

Old school audio

My dad has had this Mitsubishi Diatone X-10 (aka MC-8000 in other parts of the world) for years.  He loves it, makes good sound, plus it is a conversation piece.  Recently started not playing at the right speed.  He took it in to a stereo shop and they told him that it needed a part that was no longer available.  I said I would put it on craigslist for him, free for parts, get rid of it.

Just out of curiosity, however, I hooked it up to see what was going on.  Threw on a Kate Bush LP and, with a bit of research, discovered that the speed could be adjusted with a potentiometer on the back panel.  Top one is for 33rpm and bottom for 45rpm.  A few simple adjustments and a stopwatch and it was spinning just as it should for both options.

Still have a problem, however, of which my dad has no recollection.  The tonearm motor doesn't track across with the tonearm.  It starts, it cues, it plays, but the tonearm angle slowly increases until it starts skipping badly.  You can see it in the picture below.  That arm should be hanging straight down and the motor should be walking with the tonearm.  I wonder if this is the problem that the stereo fixer guy was referencing.

Fun fact: The gold record is an Elvis LP, special edition that I got when I was a kid, the turntable doesn't recognize it as a full sized LP because the light sensor shines through it.  Since everything is electronic there is no option for me to just stop and play from the beginning at 33rpm.  It goes straight to the middle and plays the last two songs at 45rpm  It sure looks cool, though.

Oh, and the December's Child album that you see in the foreground?  Sounds horrible.  Badly worn out.  I think I bought it used.

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