Wednesday, August 10, 2016

I'm on a mother#$/^&*() bike

Rode twenty miles round trip to have breakfast with my sister a few weeks ago.  Lots of hills in California, it was a good ride and a lot of fun.

Wanted to see if I could ride to work.  It's about twenty miles but all flat.  Rode down this morning (I say down because it's south and as everyone knows, south is down) and it wasn't bad.  Took almost an hour and a half but OK, I guess I could get up early once a week or so.

The fun really started when I went to ride home.  I'd worked for about three hours so thought I might have my energy back.  Energy, however, wasn't the problem.  By the time I'd ridden about halfway home my thighs hurt so badly I could barely peddle.  I stopped for a coffee but it didn't really help.  Got home and my quads hurt just standing.  Took a hot shower and a couple Advil and I feel OK but I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk in the morning.  Maybe take a bus home, or maybe I just need to do some more ten to fifteen mile rides to get in better riding shape.

By the way, Batavus Monte Carlo  from the seventies.  I bought it used in 1984 when I went to college.  Just rebuilt it.

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NotClauswitz said...

My 60-yr old older brother is still totally into the bikes he lusted after in HS that the rich kids had and he didn't. All-campy this-and-that, Masi, mainly Italian stuff from the mid-70's...