Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Sword of Shannara (update)

Terry Brooks' Sword of Shannara, as well as the entire Shannara  mythopoeia spanning twenty eight volumes, was high fantasy.  As such, none of the characters ever uttered either of the phrases:

  • "she doesn't want a rover's sloppy seconds" (Eretria referring to her sexual relation with Wil)
  • "not just the boys" (Eretria as she hits on Amberle, Elven princess)
Additionally, Cephelo attempts to rape Amberle (and apparently raped Eretria for years although that it not completely clear) and yet they work with him extensively.

Even most annoyingly, the Four Lands (the setting of the Shannara books) is littered with old pieces of modern civilization including swingsets and toxic waste dumps.  Although it has been some  years since I read the original books (Sword of, Elfstones of, and Wishsong of) I have no recollection of any remnants of modernity in any of the books.

Wil continues to be a total douche, the acting is sub par, there orcs wear welding goggles for some reason, but ...

I am still watching. Through episode 7.  Maybe it's because I am a huge Shannara fan, loved all most of the books, and want to see if, somehow, it gets better.

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