Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Levi doesn't get it and doesn't get my business

I have been wearing Levi jeans for about twenty five years, probably longer.  I remember buying them in the U District in Seattle so that would have been 1985 or so.  I guess over thirty years.  Recently, due to a single incident in one of their stores, the CEO announced that they were not allowing customers to carry firearms in their stores.  Not quite sure how they are planning on enforcing this, but maybe it's an honor system.  Too bad criminals don't abide by honor systems.

(Interesting side note: they exempt law enforcement personnel.  Not sure why since LEO have a worse record than non-LEO for shooting innocent bystanders.  Mainly because we don't have an obligation to intervene if it wouldn't be safe whereas LEOs have to step in if they see a crime being committed, but either way, they are more dangerous to bystanders than we are.  Seems that if Levis were truly concerned about firearms they would ban them all.)

Anyway, you can read about the ban here but I sent my own little missive to Levi Corporation.  Too bad.  I really like my Levis but I guess I'll get used to wearing another brand.

Dear Mr. Bergh,

Per your request I will no longer carry my firearm into any of your stores.  I will also no longer clip my holster to the belt on my Levi jeans because I will no longer be purchasing Levi jeans or any other Levi products.  After thirty plus years of wearing Levis I will switch to another brand, a brand operated by people who don't have a moronically simplistic view of personal responsibility, freedom, and the Second Amendment.  One customer in decades has an accidental discharge in one of your stores.  Millions of customers probably carried firearms into your stores, making your staff and your other customers safer in the process but you didn't know this because you didn't see the firearms and there weren't any accidents.  Meanwhile firearms owners are less likely to commit crimes of any sort and successfully prevent criminal violence upwards of a million and a half times a year.

Your shortsighted new policy does not make your customers or staff safer but rather endangers them even more.  Meanwhile I'm sure Wrangler will be happy to have my business.

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NotClauswitz said...

Ten+ years back I quit wearing the button-fly 501's that I grew-up with because every time I worked outside or in the garage they raised an unpleasant stink on my legs that was not just me. My wife noticed it too.
And it didn't wash-out, so I suspected a brand-strategy attempt of off-shore cost-reduction by Levi's with cheap fabric.
Also the HQ in SF is notoriously busy with social-engineering causes and climate hooey, and some former friends/colleagues who worked there were the worst sort of Virtue-Signalers you could imagine. Pure elitist BayAryans.
So I wore cargo-khakis and for years instead, until getting up into the country where Wranglers are prevalent. Also Wranglers come in only a few varieties and fabrics instead of a dizzying array. Slim, Regular, Full - and a couple different colors. It's easier to pick-out a pair...