Saturday, November 5, 2016

Stay on message boys

Story: Rolling Stone magazine publishes a fake article about a gang rape at the University of Virginia.  Lots of people's lives are destroyed.

Followup: Rolling Stone gets sued and the jury finds them and the reporter guilty of defamation with actual malice (translation: they knew the story was fake and published it anyway)

Takeaway: (from the author of the article)

the article’s deeper message of the effects of campus rape — a pervasive national problem — was lost amid the allegations of shoddy reporting.
Rolling Stone was right but they just picked the wrong group of rapists to write about.

Seems to me that if the problem was as pervasive as this author seems to think then Rolling Stone should have had no trouble at all finding an actual horrific case to write about.  Instead we get Duke lacrosse, mattress girl, and UVa.  All lies.

It doesn't matter though.  It's the narrative that counts. 

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