Friday, June 30, 2017

Where have you been?

Last posted at the beginning of March.  Burned out.  If you've read my blog you know I wasn't much of a Trump fan, still am not, but President Clinton would have been an unmitigated disaster in my opinion.  It gets tiresome, however, that the media does nothing but attack the President and many conservatives that I still respect but am getting bored with do nothing but attack the President.  Meanwhile the conservative agenda stalls in Congress as the Senate makes no effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, no effort to stem the tide of illegal immigration, no effort to reform or limit the size or scope of government.  The President shoots himself in the foot periodically both publicly on Twitter, but also by not doing the things that need doing, like appointing conservative judges and bureaucrats to run the various departments.  I have notes on things I was planning on blogging about but every time I sat down at the computer, meh.

However, school is out; stupid Portfolio is submitted, for better or for worse; and summer is here.  Anti-Trump mania is still prevalent in the media but starting to die down a little in conservative circles (or maybe I just deleted the podcast feeds that never even consider the positives but only focus on the negatives; and maybe, just maybe, I can get some thoughts down without getting frustrated eight seconds in.  My own personal rodeo.

See you soon.  Maybe.

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