Sunday, August 13, 2017

The correct amount of immigration

Riffing off my last post regarding the meaning of the word immigrant, I thought I'd throw out my argument for the correct level of immigration.

Approximately zero.

Yes.  Zero.  No temporary workers; no cousins, uncles, and aunts; no refugees; no lottery.  None.  Approximately means that I'm OK with someone marrying a non-American and bringing their new spouse and dependent children home.

Why Heresolong, you racist!

Nope.  I don't think we need more people.  We don't need more white people, we don't need more brown people, we don't need more yellow people.  I have nothing against foreigners or their cultures.  I have traveled the world, lived overseas, and enjoyed much of what I experienced and saw.  It's just that we already have plenty of people.  Forty  years ago we had 220 million people, today we have 325 million people.  I don't think this has been an improvement.  Forty years ago the city I grew up in had about a million and a half and it was a nice place to live. Now it has three and a half and it has become a somewhat less nice place to live, overcrowded and expensive.  Many of these people are immigrants so it hasn't just been a matter of the natives having children.  Again, what was the benefit to those of us who lived there already to the importation of millions of foreigners? 

What is the rational and scientific argument for more immigration?  We have high unemployment so it can't be for workers; we have plenty of diversity so clearly don't need more of that (as an aside I'd be interested in seeing the scientific studies that prove that diversity is better as that's what we are always being told to believe.  Not saying it isn't, just saying that I haven't seen the science); it can't be for productivity as there is no particular relationship between population and wealth. 

So what is it for?  I have my suspicions but perhaps I'll keep them to myself for now and just ask, "why do we need more people?".


Cecil Henry said...

The correct amount of immigration does NOT alter the ethnic composition of the host nation.
Is there a non-White majority area that you would like to live in?? If so, why aren't you there? IF not, why don't you admit Whites have racial interests and rights.
1.White people exist. 2. White people have the RIGHT to exist. 3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communities and Nations.

heresolong said...

Who said anything about white people? I don't want French, Irish, or Czech immigrants either, not until we have had a chance to assimilate those we have. After that? Well, after that I don't think we need more immigration but things may change.

A white country for white people is a completely different argument.

Thanks for stopping by though.