Saturday, December 23, 2017

SOLVED - E-ink ebook frustration

After spending a whole lotta time looking at ebooks (and blabbing about it on the internet) I came up with an elegant and creative solution.

I'm using my Nook again.

I don't actually have that many Amazon ebooks and I can read them on my tablet.  Everything else, hey ho for the Nook. Now I just have to remember to routinely plug it in so I'm not sitting in the barber shop waiting for my appointment and my book says "Insufficient power to turn on".

The best part?  It was free because I already have it.  Sometimes the simple solutions are the best.


Anonymous said...

my girls had nooks at one time and now have kindle fires. i can't remember why the switch. i have a kindle paperwhite that i love. i thought i'd hate having an ereader, but i've found i actually love it and love finding free books to read. i've found authors i really enjoy that i would not have found otherwise.

a book i read recently you might enjoy is The Hardest Ride by Gordon L Rottman, if you haven't read it already. it's free on kindle - i think you can get a kindle app on a nook.

heresolong said...

They probably switched so that they could have internet, games, and movies. That is my problem with tablets as e-readers. I'd be wiling to bet that they spend less time reading because they are more distracted. I see that in my students all the time now. They can't go two minutes without checking their phones so I generally don't let them even be out on their desks.

You can't get a Kindle app (or any apps) on the Nook as it is strictly a reader. I do, however, have the Kindle app on both my phone and tablet so I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you're right. it's been several years since we've had a nook in the house, but that seems like what i remember.

my Oldest is an avid reader and collects books - has long run out of bookshelf space.

my Youngest is severely dyslexic, so watching is much easier for her. she *can* read but mixes up words a lot and skips words and often looses the meaning. audio books where she can read along are great. she really loves fan fiction, and i'll find her reading that quite a bit.

they both listen to music while they read or browse or research. i can't do that - i can't do two things at a time like that - silence is my bff! therefore everyone in our home has earbuds/head phones - even my husband has wireless headphones for the tv!

music for my aspie-girl is powerful; it really helps her keep her brain organized. she also loves listening to a KJV audio bible - she loves the way those old words sound.

i'm a pretty laid back mom about a lot of things. reading has always been HUGE in our home and my girls had a ton of lap-time from birth till they outgrew it (twas a sad day, indeed!). their dad traveled a lot and always had a book with him, and i've always been a reader. so as long as they're learning and reading, i'm relaxed on watching. of course, they're 20 and almost 18 now, so my 'control' is fading, but my influence is still very strong, and while i use it, i don't take advantage of it, either.