Monday, March 30, 2020

D&D Fails

So the party was traipsing through the woods, looking for these caves, when who should pop up but a crazy old hermit.

He's pretty convincing though.  He convinces the ranger that he can teach him all about the woods, and convinces everyone that he can show them the caves come morning.  Who knows?  He probably could have.

Except that he's crazy.  So in the middle of the night, while the wizard isn't actually watching properly since he's studying his spells instead of watching, the hermit attacks the wizard.

Battle ensues, a mountain lion leaps out of a tree and joins the fray on the side of the hermit. 

The wizard, confused by the fog of war, tries to alert the hermit that they are being attacked,  at which point he looks up and sees the cards I use for initiative tracking on my tabletop game.

Yeah.  See the one that says "Opposition".  Well back then it said "Hermit".  Totally gave it away.  Didn't even think that they might assume that they were being attacked by an outside party.  Could have been so cool.

Oh well, missed opportunities and all that.

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John Wilder said...

Hermit . . . that describes my basement right now . . .