Wednesday, May 13, 2020


Yes, it's official.  Black stuff growing on your wall is bad with a capital B-A-D.  Figured it was time to cut it out and see what was in the back.

A month ago, definitely leaking:

Last week.  Uh oh. That black stuff doesn't look promising.

Step 1: Go to the hardware store to buy an oscillating saw.

Result: All they have is a cheap one.  I don't buy cheap tools.

Step 2: Text your neighbor and ask if he owns a reciprocating saw.

Result: He does, but since you asked for the wrong thing, that doesn't help.  I also have a reciprocating saw

Step 3: Drive to the nearest bigger town (30 minutes away) and buy a good quality oscillating saw.

Step 4: Clear as much stuff out of the kitchen as you can so that it doesn't get moldy plaster dust on it, before realizing that you don't have anything to cover the rest.

Result: Turns out your sister is in town and could pick up dirt cheap bedsheets at the local big grocery/stuff store, you just have to drive 23 minutes to her house to pick them up when she gets home.  Better than 30 minutes to town and then you get to visit your sister.

Step 5: Cover stuff.  Cut out part of wall.

Result: Discover that it is soaked back there but that it sort of looks like it might just be from the leaking toilet (which you fixed) and the leaking sink (which you fixed).

Step 6: Wait.  See if it dries out.   I am really not ready for a full upstairs bathroom/downstairs kitchen renovation.  I want to see if I can hold out for four more years when the house will be paid off, at which point I can pay cash for the renovation I want.


Anonymous said...

Now you know. Knowledge is better than the creeping fear in the back of your mind that it might be worse.


heresolong said...

Good point. Thanks. Today I am going to pull out more plaster, down to cupboard level plus a bit of ceiling, hopefully only about six inches or so. Clean everything up really well so I can put my kitchen back together. If there is no further seepage evident I'll probably put in a piece of drywall to hide the ugly hole, especially since I have a half sheet of drywall from another project that I desperately want out of the garage, where I have to move it back and forth every time I work out there.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You have an extra half sheet of plywood? I have a pallet of 20 sitting on the floor of my garage, keeping me from doing 4runner timing belt project.