Saturday, September 18, 2021

Two paragraphs to explain exactly what is wrong with our COVID response

From Charlie Cooke, over at National Review.  For the record I am pretty disappointed with NR's general direction over the past few years.  I think they have gone mushy and don't do nearly as much as they could to actually promote conservative policies.  However Cooke is a shining beacon in the darkness.  I don't agree with him on everything but enough, and he writes informatively and entertainingly.

At first, the line was that Regeneron’s treatment didn’t work. Then, it was that Regeneron’s treatment worked fine, but represented a dangerous distraction from the vaccine. And, finally, it was that Regeneron’s treatment was part of a corrupt plot to enrich DeSantis’s donors.Today, we learn from the Washington Post that, actually, none of that was the problem. Instead, DeSantis’s sin is that he has been relying upon monoclonal-antibody treatment too much, and that this is unfair to other states that now need it.

The constant changes of direction based purely on politics has been bewildering and frustrating.  Given the attacks against any possibility of studying any alternative treatments other than the vaccine, one starts to wonder if the agenda is the vaccine, rather than mitigating the effects of the Wuhan flu.  Hydrocholorquine, Ivermectin, Regeneron, etc have all been attacked rather than studied and any studies are dismissed out of hand.  Sample Ivermectin headline: "2 fringe doctors created myth...", ignoring actual scientific studies that suggested otherwise.  The list seems to be endless.  The fact that they are actually admitting now that Regneron's treatment seems to work is a step in the right direction; the fact that they are now preventing Florida from getting as much as they want is one in the wrong.

Anyway, if you want to read the whole article, here you go.

CW Cooke article

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