Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Google! 🤨

 Went to send an email this morning using my Thunderbird email program.  Been using it on this same computer for a decade or so.  Used my Google Gmail account that is my sort of default these days.

Got a security alert.  Had to go downstairs, get my phone, tap the button that said "Is it you?".  OK.  Fair enough.  I then got six emails from Google to two different email addresses telling me that someone had tried to sign in to my Google account from Windows.  Six!

Then I got another Push notification on my phone to tell me the same thing and now a seventh email from Google suggesting that I update my Google to confirm the account on my "new Windows".  Did I mention that I have had this computer for about ten years?  No new Windows since the upgrade to 10.  

The email also suggested that I confirm what devices might have access to my Google Account.  Did I mention that I have had this computer for about ten years?

And the VPN wasn't even running because I'd had to shut it off earlier in order to get a website to load.

All to send an email to someone. Good grief!

1 comment:

John Wilder said...

Big Google is watching you . . .

But you already knew that . . . .