Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Shower review

First of all, a big thumbs up to taking showers.  Not sure how people who bathe infrequently get by and happy that I live now rather than 100 years ago when Saturday was "bath day".

If you've been following along you know that my bathroom is under renovation.  Thankfully I have a "powder room" (are they still called that?  Yes, at least in my house.) so I can use the sink and toilet in there.  Sponge baths do not, however, replace showers imho.  So I went to Cabelas.

Pretty nice, really,  Just outside the back door so conveniently located and accessible.  Under one of the apple trees so stays cool in the sun.  Behind the house so relatively private although to be fair, it's my back yard and if I want to walk back and forth in a towel every once in a while, who are they to criticize.

Water?  I stopped into the local sporting goods store because Cabela's was out and got one of these.

Pros and cons?  Well, let me tell you.


  1. I get to shower
  2. Easy in and out of shelter
  3. Cool little hatch in the back to reach through to a cool little strap from which to hang your towel.
  4. Cool mesh pockets low: to put your soap; high: to put your glasses and/or whatever out of the water
  5. Floor is a separate piece so the water drains out around the edges.


  1. If you aren't hanging the bag full of water in the sun all day you have to fill it up in your sink before showering and then carry it out
  2. Spout has a clamp (not shown) to shut off the water.  It doesn't work that well and water dribbles out.
  3. Water bag hanger is dead center in the shelter so it's inconvenient when you are soaping or washing your hair.   To be fair the shelter wasn't made by Coleman and the bag wasn't made by Cabela's, but seriously guys, obvious that you are going to hang a water bag, that's why you put a hanger at the top.  Figure out a way to offset it.
  4. It is much more work to take a shower this way and so I have taken four in the last nine days and sponge bathed the other five.  I live alone so no one has complained so far.  And this is in nice weather.  I can't imagine how unenthusiastic I would be about showering outdoors if the weather were less pleasant.

Well, there you go.  I give this an 8/10 because of the bag placement and the water dribbles.  I won't downgrade it for inconvenience because ... outdoor shower, that's why.

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John Wilder said...

I like it! We have one that The Mrs. used while camping. It never got very warm.