Wednesday, August 3, 2022

This Old House: Bathroom time

Started the (long overdue) bathroom renovation.  Bathroom was probably installed into the 1909 house in 1969 based on the evidence of all the newspapers stuffed into the gaps in the walls.  Here's the 60s vintage bathroom.

Looking at the window you probably wouldn't believe that its dimensions are 28" x 53".  True statement.  They tiled over two thirds, gluing the tiles directly to the window.

Not a terrible bathroom but cramped and dated, plus the tile is gross and needed to be redone anyway, plus the drains don't drain properly so need the plumbing redone.

After a couple days, all the plumbing has been redone, including ripping out a bunch of deadheads (capped off pipes that don't go anywhere but are still pressurized); replacing all the cast iron and galvanized with PVC; replacing all the iron water pipes with PEX.

So here's the gutted bathroom with the window now exposed.  I'm putting in a new vinyl double hung window, same size as the original, so there will be much more light and the potential for fresh air.

So at this point you're probably thinking (correctly) that bathing may become an issue over the next couple weeks.  Thinking outside the box, however, ...

a quick visit to the local camping store provided a privacy shelter.  Buckets of warm water from the kitchen provide a pretty decent wash.  I'm thinking I might swing back tomorrow and get one of those hanging shower bags that you fill with water to make it even more convenient.

Stand by for updates.

PS Unlike someone who shall not be named, I am not doing all this myself.  Not my skill set so hired an expert.  Meanwhile I'm out being well paid for working on Harley Davidson motorcycles and exchanging the fruits of my labor for those of my experts.

Tech Update: Google Drive photo links didn't make it 24 hours.  You'd think that with Blogger and Drive both being Google products they would make it more seamless.  Changing to direct upload which requires me to download to my computer, then upload to Blogger.  Sigh!

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