Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Collection: Project machines bagged and tagged

An assortment of project machines, either parts or restoration, awaiting much more free time, possibly retirement.  They've already come in handy when I decided to work on my Singer 28 handcrank, which was missing the arm on the bobbin winder.  The Singer 27 on the shelf had the same bobbin winder except belt driven instead of wheel driven.  Scavenged the arm, cleaned up the parts, Bob's your uncle.  On the shelf:


Kenmore 117-959 Serial 337550, Price free

Singer 27 Serial K1258064 1904, Price $7.50

Ambassador 100 Deluxe Serial K1244, Price $2

Singer 66 Serial G7370698 1919, Price free

Singer 15-91 Serial AJ314733 1949, Price $7.50

Singer 27 Serial B1268299 1905, Price $2

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