Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Collection: Singer Model 403A

Singer 403A


Date: 1958

Purchased: Woman who sold me Eldredge Reversew last winter called me to ask if I'd be interested in a couple more machines.  $40.

Included complete set of accessories, cams, instruction manual.  Cabinet needs some refinishing.


paul said...

I have one. It was Mom's. Different cabinet.
I have all of the parts and she also bought the buttonholer that came in a pinkish sorta oval case.

I remember reading the manual and I trotted myself with a bit of allowance money to the nearest five&dime to buy a tube of Singer grease. Like 20¢. That was a lot for a nine year old kid. Made the machine purr. I had permission. Mom forgot or didn't pay attention and when she went to sew something a few weeks later she almost sewed herself.

I still have about a fifth of that tube of grease. It's time to finish it off, 1966 and being nine was a while back.

I'll take a picture of the cabinet and send you a link.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you collect sewing machines. Thanks for sharing with us.

heresolong said...

I have several buttonholers but that oval case, spaceship style, pretty awesome. I picked on up in light green for $15 at an antique store somewhere just because of the case.

Would love to see pictures of your mom's machine although no reason to get rid of that grease. Not like it goes bad or anything. My collection leans more towards the older ones (I still have a lot to post). I have a few "newer" (read 50s and 60s), a couple because I needed some for non-treadle sewing and a couple because I was out looking at older and the newer were there an inexpensive as a part of a package deal. Oldest in the collection at this point is 1876. Not sure yet what I'll do with all the newer ones (or some of the older ones for that matter) but probably try to rehome them with someone who wants to sew. I'm also starting to end up with free machines as people remember that I collect and are getting ready to haul something to the dump or to Goodwill.

Generic, thanks for coming around to look. I started this part of the blog mostly to make it easy for me to find pictures and info when I wanted it. Hopefully it will also spark someone else's interest. As I mentioned above I still have quite a few to add. I'm also cataloging them on index cards and need to go back and add a little note if I've put them up here.