Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Because I needed more to do

 Visited a local museum yesterday at the invitation of the curator.  They have sewing machines.  None of them work (or they don't know how to work them).  Would I come by and take a look.

Thing 1: Lots of really old sewing machines, at least five that I saw plus a sock knitting machine.  I was not aware that a sock knitting machine was even a thing.  I now need one and I need to make it work. If you are curious:

Thing 2: A WWII vintage Harley Davidson Flathead.  No idea how long it's been since it ran but it's been sitting inside for years.  I know this because even though I'd never been in the museum I remember seeing it in the window when I drove by 25 years ago.

Thing 3: A basement full of old cars in various states of repair and disrepair.  Not my thing, restoring old cars, but also, two Indian Chiefs.

Not sure of the ownership setup of many of these items as often with these small local museums things are loaned but I'm willing to spend some of my free time tinkering.  The curator is fairly new to the museum and apparently the previous director wasn't much for paperwork or keeping track of what they had, so she has her work cut out for her.

Anyway, here's a couple quick samples of sewing machines to pique your interest, if that's your thing.  I'll have more as I spend some time there.  A Wheeler and Wilson Number 1:

And a German made handcrank transverse shuttle.  This is a Singer 12 copy but had no identifying info that I could find in the initial quick tour.

All pretty dirty, all need oiling, but everything I touched has the potential to live again. 


John Wilder said...

Go for it!

heresolong said...

Thanks John. I always appreciate people who encourage me to take on more. 😊

No, it's actually great. I went back again the other night, took more pictures and made notes on some of the supplies I'll need to get started. She understands that it's going to be a long term project so I'll do a bit here and a bit there.

Anonymous said...

All very cool. Extra bonus points that the museum recognizes you for your very niche tallents.

heresolong said...

Agreed. Makes me think the director is pretty sharp, that she seeks out specialized help.