Sunday, September 17, 2023

The Motorcycle Diaries (maintenance and repair)

 Last October I rode the 92 Fatboy to Wenatchee, about a 450 mile round trip. One day.  A bit of a hammer but not too bad.  Got back and discovered that the front base gasket had blown, however.  Since I have other bikes it sat til now.

Finally time and enthusiasm.  Got it all apart and decided that the heads and cylinder needed repainting.  So did that and put them on.  

Then decided that since I had a brand new S&S oil pump that I got for free with a couple bins of stuff I should put that on, plus the cam cover and pushrod covers had some flaking chrome/rust respectively, those should be replaced as well.  Of course those required ordering parts.

Scored brand new Harley parts still in the original packaging for both and on they went yesterday.

Did have an S&S steel breather that I'd bought some time ago so that went in too.  I carefully marked the timing but then realized I'd put on a new cam cover.  So much for my careful marking but I think I was able to get it pretty close by just staring at the old cover.  I'll probably retime but I do that by feel, not with a timing light.

Still to go, rockers, exhaust (front pipe brackets both broken so I have to manufacture something), tanks back on.  I don't think there's anything else I need to do so hopefully it'll be back together today.