Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Thanks Quicken

Got a new laptop a few months ago.  Did the "transfer Quicken to a new computer" and it lost a year and a half of transactions.  Completely gone.  Overwrote the old files, didn't do a backup even though I had the "do a backup" button checked.  Had to rebuild them manually.  Took me hours.

Today I get a prompt.  Your bank requires a new method of downloading.  Go through all the steps, authorize everything, it allegedly downloads stuff, and nothing there.   It also won't let me link some accounts to accounts that are already in Quicken, only "create new Quicken account".  I tell it not to do this, but to link the rest that it will let me link.

Now there are exactly zero downloaded transactions from the past six weeks or so.  Which means that my accounts are six weeks out of date.  Since I don't use most of the accounts much, other than my main "daily expenses" account, most of them aren't a big deal.  But I shouldn't have to do this sh$t.  It's 2024 and I can't just have an account register on my computer that requires minimal effort to keep up to date?

Ridiculous.  A couple years ago I looked into just switching software but from what I could find nothing else works better and most of the smaller outfits can't automatically download your transactions from your bank because that requires a level of cooperation from the banks that small companies can't get.

Thanks Quicken

Update: And now it won't let me reconcile an account either.  It gives me a message saying "There are no uncleared items to reconcile" even though there are six items that haven't been reconciled yet.  I think it may be broken.  Might be time to buy a checkbook register.

Update: Quicken has become almost unusable and there are no solutions to be found online.  Not only can I not reconcile my accounts but the "online balance" claimed by Quicken is wrong every time I try to update accounts, even though the balance on my bank website matches perfectly with the balance online.


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