Sunday, June 10, 2012

Road King Replacement, (which isn't)

Bought it back. Yup.  My friends made a convincing argument.

1) The salvage cost is $4900.  Repair cost to put it back the way I want it (keeping in mind that my labor is basically free) is about $1500.  Total cost to have my Road King back $6400.

2) Value of a salvaged motorcycle is substantially less due to the salvage title.  However, lets look at my history.  I bought a new Harley in 1992.  I still have it and it has over 163,000 miles on it.  That's the only Harley I've ever owned.  If history holds true, I won't be selling this Road King anyway, I'll be riding the cr&p out of it for the next ten years or so.  Who cares what the value is?

3) Replacement bike, $10,500 or so, plus sales tax, plus $1,500 worth of upgrades, total cost $13,000.

When you look at it like this, it makes sense.  I save about $6,000.  I can use a bit of that money to do some upgrades to the engine that I was thinking about and put the rest on my credit card to have less debt.

Going to be a month or so while I figure out exactly what upgrades I want and get the repair parts in, but I started the process yesterday by ordering the new handlebars, seat, and engine guard.  Looking for some used parts for a couple little things but the used market has dried up a little.  Not that time of year I guess.  Got the word out to friends regarding what I need.

Anyway, happy to have the hassle with Progressive out of the way (btw, I just took their offer.  I have too much stress in my life and fighting with them was draining me to little or no result.  Got my bike back plus a check this past week.  I'll be switching insurance companies.

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