Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some thoughts on Colorado

In Colorado it is illegal to carry a firearm into a movie theater.  My mother’s first question was “then how did the shooter get his guns into the theater?  ”.  I pointed out that only law abiding citizens abide by gun bans which she found very reasonable but it didn’t occur to her until I pointed that out.  With the anti-gun groups once again claiming that we have a gun problem, one has to wonder how differently this might have turned out it Colorado didn’t restrict their law abiding citizens, those who might have been able to make a difference in this case.


Anonymous said...

obviously the problem here is that Utah does allow guns in theaters. Until all 50 dates and 7 territories equally restrict guns like NYC does, none of them are safe.

It is not the restrictions that tyranize you, it is someone else's freedom.

Rebus said...
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Anonymous said...

Rebus. i don't really know if it would be better. i do know that the current way didn't work all that well.

I also know that when a raging psycopath gets killed while attempting to kill someone, it doesn't make the news. So you don't know how many times that happens. We have tried it your way. Now let's do something different. Just so we are clear, "your way" is that only psycopaths have guns.

Anonymous said...

Also, despite the rolling back of gun restrictions all over the country in the past ten years and the non-stop wailing about wild-west shootouts and streets running red with blood, it has never happened.

Not once.

There is more than enough evidence on this. It isn't 1985 any more.

heresolong said...


48 people dead and your concern is that there might have been a "Wild West shootout"? How could that possibly have made matters worse?

Don't you guys ever get different soundbites to read from? As the Professor points out, you've been predicting Wild West for almost twenty years and it hasn't happened once. Give it up and come up with a new and better argument.

Anonymous said...

How about "safer guns and safer bullets"?

Anonymous said...

never mind about Rebus. He's from Canada. *smiles knowingly*