Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The corporate conspiracy to keep me single

So the other day while comfortably ensconced in the hospital I asked my doctor out for coffee.  I did preface the request with the caveat that it would be after I could both drive and hold a cup of coffee.  In case you’re wondering I did not take pain medication for the first four days after my accident so this was not a case of drug influenced bad decisions.  The reality was that she is both good looking and nice and presumably, having made it through years of medical training, intelligent.  Turns out that she is engaged, however, she also told me that hospital policy does not allowed dating of patients.  OK.  Here’s my problem.  How am I supposed to meet nice women if the places I frequent have policies against my dating them?


Anonymous said...

it is probably a bad policy on your part to frequent the emergency room.

It is a good policy on their part to prohibit dating patients since patients are weakened and medicated and in compromising positions. They may be incapable of withholding consent and their doctors would know that and take advantage of them.

A high fence is the best policy to ensure your doctors are ethical and to protect them from charges of rape of one of their dates sobers up the next day with regrets.

Why would you think life is supposed to be designed to give you dating opportunities? The world needs monks, confirmed bachelors, and gay men too.

heresolong said...

Ah, Professor, You are always good for a laugh and a bit of realism.

I don't frequent many places so have to take my opportunities where I find them.

I do agree that the policy makes sense, just that it got in my way in this case, nor do I think that the world should provide me with opportunities, just not get in my way when one finally appears.

I'm not sure that your inclusion of gay men is appropriate since presumably they have the same dating issues as we hetero men.

Anonymous said...

And let's put that into some perspective. Over ten times that many will be murdered in Washington DC this year. DC has the toughest anti-gun laws in the country.

Anonymous said...

Oops. wrong thread. I don't know how that happened.

Anonymous said...

no. I think the "any port in a storm" mentality of gay sex and having both a port AND a boat pretty much guarantees that they are not in the same boat as the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

If you want to date the doctor, then when she says, "I can't date patients". Then tell her, "I understand completely. You're fired".

"Now, about that date."

Or get a job part time delivering flowers there.

heresolong said...

when she says, "I can't date patients". Then tell her, "I understand completely. You're fired".

Awesome. I will add it to my repertoire.