Sunday, September 16, 2012

Therapy Horses?

I browsed over to Coyote Blog to read an article about California law on taking lunch breaks and found this gem.

On the lighter side, a customer came into our establishment in California the other day with a horse.  Claimed it was a "therapy animal" and therefore it would be a violation of the ADA to not allow the horse in.  Not knowing the law but with some experience with California, my managers rightly let the animal in, then researched it later.  It appears that we are safe denying entry to animals that are not licensed service animals, but this is an evolving part of the law, apparently.  Since it costs us about $25,000 a pop to get even the craziest suits dismissed in California, we will continue to err on the side of caution.

This is great.  I have been complaining for years that many of my friends have these little rat dogs that they take everywhere because they are "PTSD therapy dogs".  One friend even has his stupid little dog eating off the table at restaurants.  I hate it and there's nothing the restaurant can do about it.  It is apparently against the law for the business to even ask for paperwork.  But this is even better.

Oh, if you want to read about California lunch break issues, here it is, right below the horse story.

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