Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bitterwood, for free (by James Maxey)

Maxey is coming out with a full anthology of all his Bitterwood novels (plus a short story, plus a never before released prequel).  To stir up a bit more interest, (and presumably to reward all us faithful readers) he is giving away the ebook of the first in the series, Bitterwood.

Imagine a time when dragons rule the earth and humans are their slaves.  Yup.  Future history here.  Not sure where the dragons came from (some of that comes out as the series progresses) but they have taken over.

Outstanding series and I highly recommend it.

Here's his article about the upcoming book

and here's a direct link to Smashwords if you want to download his book.  You do have to have an account and he isn't sure if Barnes and Noble or Amazon will reduce the price. Some weird thing about mirror pricing, and something else, but don't worry about them, just go to Smashwords.  Until the anthology comes out.  Then buy it from B&N or Amazon.

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