Sunday, January 6, 2013

More cat pictures

Just realized that Dhaula has not received her due since I posted about her anticipated joining of the family (sort of sad that my "family" consists of me and two cats but that's another story).  Pictures are due.

  1. Dhaula as a kitten; 
  2. Dhaula as a kitten with Cho; 
  3. Dhaula and Cho as friends crashed on the front porch climbing pole.

So there you go.  Gratuitous cat pics, just because.


The Conservative Sociologist said...

Your cats are beautiful! I love their color points.

(I am a cat lady!)

heresolong said...

Thanks, CS. I guess I might have mentioned, for those not in the know, that Cho is a Blue-Cream Point and Dhaula is a Seal Point.