Saturday, January 19, 2013

So you think there should be more laws on guns?

Can you answer this?   If they aren't going to enforce them, what is the point of the new laws?

Vice President Biden told NRA representatives that there wasn't time to prosecute criminals who attempted to buy guns.  Prosecutions for gun related crimes are down 35% in the past year.  Yet they want more gun laws. 

I have my own theory.  Law abiding citizens (ie most of us) tend to just obey laws.  That's why they call us law abiding citizens.  So we will get rid of our banned guns, we will get rid of our "high capacity" magazines, we will dutifully shuffle down to the local courthouse to apply for an owner's permit, to provide a list of our guns to the state, to request permission every time we want to buy a new gun that is still on the list of allowable firearms.  Criminals, on the other hand, won't.  And since they won't be prosecuted by an Administration that is actively hostile to gun owners, the increase in criminal behavior will be just another reason to pass yet another law that we will obey but the criminals won't.

The goal is disarmament of the civilian populace.  Not a conspiracy theory, but a time tested, historically accurate assessment of what governments do.

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