Saturday, January 19, 2013

Won't be shopping at Dick's anymore

Only been there once.  Last summer, on my way out of town on the Harley, I lost a bag off the back which had some of my camping gear.  Stopped in a Dick's down in Oregon and reloaded.  It was OK.  Nice store, good selection, had everything I needed.


they and I are done.  Dick's cancelled orders for guns that had already been paid for.  They decided not to sell certain types of firearms.  OK.  That's their right.  But they cancelled a large number of sales that had already been paid for.  Seems to me that if you take someone's money and agree to provide a service, and if you are capable of providing that service, failure to do so is breach of contract.  You can't just return the money and say you've decided not to do it.  Although I'm no lawyer.

I won't be back.

Thanks to Aurictech for the link

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