Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ignorant or fiendishly clever?

State Senator Ed Murray (Democrat - Washington state) has introduced Senate Bill 5737 which would, among other things, make it illegal to own a firearm that is threaded for a flash or noise suppressor. (You can be grandfathered if you already own one but otherwise, no importation, sale, or manufacture.)

Only one problem Senator.  Flash suppressors are and always have been perfectly legal in this state and noise suppressors (inaccurately known as silencers) have been legal in this state 2011.

Want to know the best part?  Senators Murray, Kline, and Kohl-Welles (all consistently liberal senators and the three original sponsors of this bill) voted FOR the legalization of noise suppressors.  The vote was almost unanimous in both houses.  Now they want to ban any firearm that can actually accept the noise suppressors that they voted to legalize.

Anyone suspicious that they voted yes two years ago because the issue was a slam dunk and it provided them political cover as "supporting gun owners"?

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The Conservative Sociologist said...

Typical politicians! Anything to earn votes.