Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I heard it through the grapevine

If you still think that government isn't out of control,

Since 1949 the National Raisin Reserve confiscates a part of each raisin grower's crop.  No, it's true.  They also have offices around the world including one in Singapore which I found with a quick Bing search.  Not sure how much of their "contributors" money they spend each year but they claim to be a non-profit devoted to promoting raisins.  Nice to have a non-profit that you are legally obligated to support.  

The good news is that following Obama's announcement that government will become more efficient and "smarter", the Raisin Administrative Committee has now made their forms available on-line.  Now you can more efficiently assist the government is confiscating your crop.  And yes, the website IS  Since they don't appear to actually produce one single raisin, someone must have a sense of humor.

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