Monday, September 2, 2013

A sudden interest

Been looking at old trailers recently.

Been thinking that it might be a nice thing to have if I was able to get my debt paid off.  Park it on or near a beach somewhere and do a little surfing during the summer months.

Anyway, started looking around and saw some interesting stuff in various states of repair.

Here's one that I pass every day on the way to my shop.

Not really sure what it is, but I'm thinking it vaguely resembles a 40's vintage Spartan.

Of course, the Airstreams are easily the nicest looking.  There's a 1953 vintage Flying Cloud for sale in  Tennessee in beautiful condition for a very reasonable price.  It sleeps four but since there's one of me, some of the sleeping area could be turned into project or storage space.

Oh, and here's a Spartan Manor from 1946.  The interesting thing about this one (to me) is that someone in Bellingham just opened an espresso stand using one of these.  Their's is in beautiful shape although it probably wouldn't be great for living in, being full of coffee equipment and all.

Here's a rebuild job with a full wraparound kitchen up front.  I could live with this.

Well, that's about it.  That's as far as I've got in the thinking.  Old, good condition, reasonably priced.  I'll keep you updated if anything interesting happens.

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