Sunday, October 20, 2013

Enforced Discipline and Regimen Month

About a month ago the Captain brought up the fact that he was in a rut, and decided to initiate an enforced discipline and regimen month.  The basic idea is that you force yourself to do a little more than you otherwise would.  I thought it had merit, so I have been working on the following projects:

1) Finish wood floors.

  • I have completed the back bedroom, am decorating, and will be posting pictures soon.
  • I will be finish sanding about 60% of the office today and applying sealer.  I have to do 60% because I have my grandfather's old rolltop desk in there and have nowhere else to put it.  Going to complete the 60%, move the desk over, and do the other 40%.  Not optimal but I think it will work out fine.
2) Start running again.
  • I've been doing my martial arts faithfully, even after the accident as I just converted them into a set of Tai Chi like motion exercises, but have done little to no intensive aerobics
  • Stopped running because I could barely walk after the accident.  Took me about six months to be comfortable moving and even longer til there was no noticeable pain in the foot or lower abdomen.  By that time I was out of the habit, plus summer arrived and I was working a physical job which left me little enthusiasm for more exercise.
  • Started again three weeks ago with a two mile run (after which I could barely walk down my stairs because my quad muscles hurt so much) but have been running three times a week, two miles a time.  So far I've run eight times for a total of 16 miles and it's getting easier.
  • Unrelated to running, but related to fitness, I have been looking at "battle rope" exercises.  Not sure if this would end up just being another item to sit around the house and never get used, but it looks fun and easy to set up.  The only problem is that two inch rope is NOT cheap.  Looking at two and a half bucks a foot and I'd need fifty feet of rope.  Something that is on my "think about list".
3) Accelerate the process of getting out of debt.  
  • The credit card level has been somewhat stagnant over the past couple months, and although it is not excessive, I would like it to go down.  
  • Problem I have to figure out here is that one of my winter projects is putting the Harley back together.  There will be a fine balance between spending money on that and getting the card paid down.  This goal will require further thought.
  • Plus that really expensive battle rope.

Although the motivation is intrinsic, it really helped to have someone to make the suggestion of a month of focus.  I am now in a groove in home projects and in fitness and will be pushing myself hard to keep going in both areas.


Anonymous said...

If your sister, Alice, would pay you back that would make a good chunk to throw away, er, I mean invest in rope!

heresolong said...

Completely forgot that she owed me money. I wonder how many other people owe me money. Hmmm.