Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If you like your three mile run, you can keep your three mile run. Period.

Except in the winter when it gets dark early and the part of the run that goes up a windy country road with no shoulder and no streetlights turns into a death trap for runners.

So I had to run two miles today until I can figure out an alternate route.  Part of the problem is that I don't do too well running past my house after a couple miles to run "just one more mile".  Same reason I don't do laps.  I get bored and stop.

On the positive side, I ran under ten minute miles, so I've cut over two minutes off my mile time since I started running again.  It sure is feeling good.  Definitely going to keep this up.

I do need gloves.  I have been wearing a cutoff sweatshirt under my shell and that is about perfect, wore a toque (stocking cap in case you didn't know) today as it's gotten quite cold, but my hands were a bit frozen.  Have to check the garage and see what I have out there.


Anonymous said...

I've heard about promises that end in 'period'; methinks you are lying about keeping up the 3 mile runs ;-)

heresolong said...

3rd, We are now realizing how difficult it can be to run in the dark of winter. My staff is working overtime to ensure that this small technical glitch gets fixed. We wouldn't have this problem at all if it weren't for the obstructionism of some folks who don't think anyone should be able to run at all.