Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Reading List (updated with an actual list)

I tend to read a lot of fiction.  Sci-fi, high fantasy, mystery, some military. Usually comes from the library since I know that I'll either read them fast or get bored and return them.  Two weeks, no problem.

Non-fiction is another story.  I frequently buy books that look promising because, with the best of intentions, I want to read about the subject.  I know I'm going to procrastinate since it's just not as interesting to follow Hayek's arguments about the flaws of socialism as it is to read about Frodo's struggle to destroy the Ring of Power.  What this means in practice is that I have a giant pile (shelves really) of books waiting to be read.  I thought I'd share some of them with you.

I also figured that since it is unlikely that many of my readers (can I use "many" and "my readers" in the same sentence?) also read Save Capitalism I don't have to disclose that I stole the idea from him or that I found Save Capitalism through the Captain's blog.  OK, full disclosure over, here are some of the books awaiting my attention:

Would you like a list? That was sort of rude of me but after I put the pictures up I didn't have time to go through them and make a list.  I meant to get back to it sooner but...  Sorry, here is the first shelf.

The Future of Freedon  Fareed Zakaria
Integrity  Stephen Carter
Guns and Violence  Joyce Malcolm
Stories of Authors  Edwin Chubb
Kingfisher Guide to Garden Plants  Brian Davis
Thomas Paine Collection
The Obama Nation  Jerome Corsi
Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China  Arthur Waley
Compassionate Conservatism  Marvin Olasky
The Pizza Gourmet   Shea Mackenzie
Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet, Parts I and II  Dorothy Sayers
Whose Body?  Dorothy Sayers
Principia Newton
Liberty and Tyranny  Mark Levin
The Tao of Pooh  Benjamin Hoff  (don't know why this is here, read it a dozen times at least)
The Viking Portable Mark Twain
Lone Cowboy  Will James
Spanish Fly  Will Ferguson
Building a Healthy Culture  Don Eberly
Bosnia: A Short History  Noel Malcolm
Understanding Iraq  William Polk  (started this one and he is a tedious writer but I intend to finish it anyway)
The Elegance of the Hedgehog  Muriel Barbery
The Backyard Homestead  Carleen Madigan
No More Wacos   David Kopel

Second Shelf
(Partially reads)
On the Wealth of Nations  PJ O'Rourke
Jack:  CS Lewis and his times   George Sayer
Prime Obsession  John Derbyshire
Humblebee Bumblebee  Brian Griffith  (thinking about getting some bees next year)
The Art of Manliness  Brent McKay
The Flight of the Patriot  Yadi Sharifirad
More Good Questions: Great Ways to Differentiate Secondary Mathematics Small and Lin
Bad Students not Bad Schools  Robert Weissberg
Shop Class as Soulcraft  Matthew Crawford
The Fatal Conceit  Hayek
The Way of Life  Lao Tzu (always ongoing)

(Not reads)
Beautiful Mind  Sylvia Nasar
The Book of Virtues  William Bennett
The Forgotten Man   Amity Shlaes (currently listening to audiobook)
Churchill: In Memorian  The NYTimes
The Best Writing on Mathematics  Pitici
The Portable Medieval Reader   Ross and McLaughlin
Understanding Anti-Americanism   Paul Hollander

Third Shelf
Return of the King, Second Edition
The Coming Anarchy  Robert Kaplan
You're Wearing That  Deborah Tannen
The Nine Tailors  Dorothy Sayers
Lord of the Rings
Lurching from one near disaster to the next  Warren Miller
Wine, Women, Warren, & Skis
River Horse  William Least Heat Moon
The Schools We Need  E.D. Hirsch
Finding Serenity Jane Espenson
Crazy Like a Fox  Ben Chavis
The Dumbest Generation  Mark Bauerlein
Real Education Charles Murray
What is Means to be a Libertarian  Charles Murray

Bedside Table

Destination Highways BC
Motorcycle Journeys through the Pacific NW
Rider Friendly
Hometown  Tracy Kidder
Applied Economics  Thomas Sowell
The West and the Rest  Roger Scruton (awaiting rereading and annotation)
Meditations on Violence Roy Miller  (currently annotating)
Ed School Follies  Rita Kramer
Democracy and the Renewal of Public Education  Richard John Neuhaus
Getting Things Done   David Allen

I suppose I should really read David Allen's book first, then I might actually do a better job of reading the rest of them.

Well, hope you enjoy.

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