Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vancouver (WA) restaurant review

I know that's why you really come to my blog. You've been waiting for me to review restaurants in the Vancouver/Portland area. Well, your wait has been rewarded.

Roxy's, Portland: Excellent. Open 24 hours, breakfast anytime, I had the Reuben and it was as good as any that I have ever had. Flavorful, decently sized, well assembled.

NYC Pizza, Vancouver: Avoid at all costs. The wings had a weird flavor, the pizza was just OK. 

Starlight Cafe, Vancouver: Haven't had anything I didn't enjoy here. Basic American diner food but well made, good portions, friendly and fast service. Generally at least a fifteen minute wait to get seated but worth it.

Pacific Paradise Cuisine, Vancouver, WA: Thai food, Tom Yum soup (Hot and Sour) to die for.

There you go.

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